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    LUCOPT is a professional Power Transmission product supplier which provides quality Sheaves / Sprockets / Bushings / Chains / Bearings to customers all over the world.

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With more than 10 years of industrial experience combine with our own manufacturer network across Asia, LUCOPT enables our partners to get multiple PT products from just one source.  Manufacturer monitoring, price negotiation, production processing, on-site inspection, payments handling, shipment consolidation, failure correction, etc, will all be taken care of by LUCOPT. 

Investigating and visiting manufacturers to verify their capabilities is the first step of sourcing, we always believe on-site inspecting is the best way to verify a manufacturer and by communicating in person it allows us to see the professional quality as well as enhance our business relationship. Detailed delivery of each order comes after LUCOPT receives preferred pricing for our partners, all LUCOPT crew involved always conduct their responsibilities at the highest integrity and keep each other informed with progress. Working as a team is a guarantee to supply our partners with quality products and services.

To manage quality risks at an extremely low level, LUCOPT categorizes our manufacturers into three types of risk: high-risk, low-risk and normal-risk.This appraisal is based on their overall performance and capacity, which gives us a guide on how to monitor the orders they manufacture for us.

LUCOPT always takes quick action when defective products or other failures are spotted. By doing whatever is reasonable and necessary to correct the situation and keep our partners happy. We find out the root cause and work together with the manufacturer’s QC team to setup a preventative action plan.

Products and services are bonded together as the core of LUCOPT business. We are happy to start helping you out on PT product sourcing in a cost-effective and time-saving way.  Feel free to send us an email or make a call.

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