All LUCO American Standard Sheaves are finely machined and statically/dynamically balanced depending on size.

Material: cast iron.

Powder coating/e-coating/painting provides sheaves with durability and protects products from rusting and corrosion.

Packaged by plain carton and plywood case or MTO packages per your request.

1 AK AKH Series

AK AKH Series

AK for 4L or A belts

AKH for 4L or A belts

2 BK BKH Series

BK BKH Series

BK for 4L/5L or A/B belts

BKH for 4L/5L or A/B belts

TA TB TC Series

TA with STB bushing for A belts

TB with STB bushing

TC with STB bushing for C belts

4 B Series

B Series

B with STB bushing for A/B belts

B with TB bushing

B with QD bushing for A/B belts

5 C Series

C Series

C with STB bushing

C with TB bushing

C with QD bushing for C belts

6 D Series

D Series

D with TB bushing

D with QD bushing for D belts

3V Series

3V with STB bushing

3V with TB bushing

3V with QD bushing

5V Series

5V with STB bushing

5V with TB bushing

5V with QD bushing

9 8V Series

8V Series

8V with STB bushing

8V with TB bushing

8V with QD bushing

Poly V Sheaves

J series

M series

L series

Variable Speed Sheaves

VP series

VL series